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Community & Stakeholder engagement

Outreach and public engagement are critical to this project; the desired outcome of this plan to be embraced by the community and a feasible plan that the City and a future developer can implement. The public engagement process will help develop a collective point of view on the level of market support and the desired uses, character, and scale of development. The community’s and stakeholders’ input on the future of this area will take place throughout the process as shown in the timeline in order to ensure authentic engagement that fosters public trust.


Please visit the participation page and our contact page to stay informed and provide your input. As the process progresses we will send updates and request feedback.

Development scenarios

Following analysis of the existing conditions, including demographics, socioeconomics, facilities, services, infrastructure, transportation, land use, market, real estate feasibility, and hearing from community stakeholders and City Council, the consultant team will begin to develop conceptual plans for the East Lohman Development Plan area. These concepts will be developed as plans, illustrations, and graphics that illustrate viable land uses and development character, densities, proposed infrastructure improvements and transportation connections and linkages to adjacent business communities, neighborhoods and community amenities, such as open space, parks, trails and other recreation elements.


This stage of work will involve a Design Workshop (charrette) with the community, stakeholders, city staff and leadership that will result in conceptual drawings of the proposed site development.  

outcome of plan

The result of this planning process is a Development Plan that will guide future development. The public review draft of the plan will be shared for public input and presented to Planning & Zoning Commission for approval and City Council for adoption. After the plan’s adoption, when developers are interested in the property, they will follow the plan goals, guidelines, and recommendations to develop detailed site plans, construction plans, and traffic studies for the City’s approval. This plan needs your input to set the parameter for future development. It will not result in construction or be the final chance for community input. Future development proposals will also include community input.

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