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Requesting your ideas!

To begin the East Lohman Plan, the City of Las Cruces is inviting area residents, businesses, realtors, developers, designers, planners, landowners, finance experts, and economists to share ideas and thoughts about the project in a series of Zoom meetings with City staff and consultants. The project entails a land development master plan and real estate market analysis to determine the development potential for City-owned property adjacent to the East Lohman Avenue Corridor.

These discussions will help the City and consultants understand the various visions stakeholders have for the area, identify any issues that could affect the future development of this site early on, and gain a more thorough understanding of the local real estate market and the role that the project could play in the success of other areas in Las Cruces. These meetings will also help obtain additional insights into the study area including character and land use preferences, current market trends, and planned projects.

To get involved, contact us to receive updates and participate in the plan!

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