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Project Beginning!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

The City of Las Cruces, in coordination with consultants, Sites Southwest, Wilson & Company, Gateway Planning, and RCLCO Real Estate Advisors is beginning the East Lohman Avenue Development Plan! The team is in the process of reviewing the background documents, assessing the existing conditions of the area, and conducting a site assessment.

All phases of the process will focus on achieving the project objectives:

  • Guide the redevelopment of the City-owned property by identifying the appropriate land use mix, zoning, subdivision needs, public improvements, and potential development partnerships.

  • Assure integration and connectivity with the recreation facilities and natural arroyos present in the proposed plan area.

  • Assure new development in East Lohman Avenue Corridor has feasible development potential and complements other development in the city.

Stay tuned to learn more, participate in the plan, and find out current news by signing up to receive plan updates!

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