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Background information

The City of Las Cruces is undergoing a land development master plan and real estate market analysis to determine the development potential for City-owned property adjacent to the East Lohman Avenue Corridor. The planning area consists primarily of four vacant tracts of the South Fork Subdivision, Replat No. 5, and nearby City-owned properties including the Las Cruces Dam, Paseo de Oñate Park, City Archery Range, Remote Control (RC) Airplane Park, and City-maintained pedestrian paths and trails. The primary focus of the planning effort will be the four tracts of the South Fork Subdivision, Replat No. 5 (as shown in the location map). The City recently became the owner of these tracts. They are currently vacant but contain a former municipal landfill (active 1959 to 1966) and the Little Dam Arroyo natural drainage area.


The objectives of the East Lohman Avenue Development Plan are to:

  • Guide the redevelopment of the City-owned property by identifying the appropriate land use mix, zoning, subdivision needs, public improvements, and potential development partnerships.

  • Assure integration and connectivity with the recreation facilities and natural arroyos present in the proposed plan area.

  • Assure new development in East Lohman Avenue Corridor has feasible development potential and complements other development in the city.


The project includes a feasibility analysis to determine the development potential of the East Lohman Avenue Corridor and to promote the development and marketing of the City-owned property.


As a separate project, the City has initiated mitigation of any environmental hazards and reclamation of the property for urban development and productive land use.

The site is approximately 110 acres. The City purchased it for approximately $750,000 in 2019 from the City of Albuquerque.  Before purchasing it, the City contacted Mountain View Hospital and learned that in 1999, Mountain View Hospital purchased their land at $10 per sq. ft. Using this cost per square foot, the City estimates that even with the projected $5 million needed to clean up the site, redevelopment will provide the City with significant profit. If the City leases the land that is immediately across the hospital on Lohman Avenue, the incoming revenue can be put back in the Telshor fund and can help fund many of the non-profits here in our community. The remaining portion could be a nature park with a 5-10 acre swath of land becoming a buffer between the current neighborhood and the new development, which should also having walking paths throughout for residents to walk to these commercial areas instead of driving if they prefer. Property values in the immediate neighborhood should increase from this clean up and the area will become re-integrated into the city.

Prior to this plan 

The future and potential of this area of Las Cruces has been discussed for years. 


The City’s Comprehensive Plan, Elevate Las Cruces, was adopted in February 2020 and identifies this area as a Neighborhood Center and as such will include a mix of residential and non-residential land uses. They are located at key neighborhood intersections―in this case the intersection of East Lohman Avenue and South Sonoma Ranch Boulevard. These walkable activity centers provide local employment, shopping, and entertainment opportunities and provide for a diverse mix of residential living options. Neighborhood Centers are located at key neighborhood intersections and provide a transition between single-family residential neighborhoods and areas of higher development intensity.




MF: 15-30 DU/ACRE



January 31, 2019 – City Council District 6 Resident Meeting to discuss and answer questions about the development


May 9, 2019 –  City Council District 6 Resident Meeting to discuss and answer questions about the development


June 20, 2019 – Public Meeting at Desert Hills Elementary School focused on the clean-up process


November 14, 2019 – City Council District 6 Resident Meeting to discuss and answer questions about the development


December 12, 2019 – Public Meeting at East Mesa Public Safety Complex


Excerpt from State of the City Address on February 19, 2020

This is a great project for us: rental of commercial real estate along Lohman will eventually provide hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in non-tax revenue for city activities.  Non-commercial space can be developed as well, master-planned in a public process to include improvements like open areas, a nature park and a model residential community. 


This is a tremendous opportunity for strategic investment in our future, and we will be engaging you regularly as planning proceeds.

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